HIT Scotland



Established by the industry leaders of the time in 1994, the charity has gone from strength to strength to support literally tens of thousands of people working and studying in the hospitality industry in Scotland to broaden their skills and experience by taking advantage of a tailored learning experience offered through the HIT scholarship programme.

These unique awards are made possible by extensive support from all sectors of the industry who primarily donate funding through attendance at events or through individual donations and corporate sponsorship.

What makes HIT Scotland so unique is the spirit of its brand which, in so many ways, reflect the unique spirit of the hospitality industry itself in Scotland.  It is one of its kind as an industry led collaboration and attracts many industry colleagues, at every level, to give their time and other resources in support and to ‘give back’ to their industry.

 Xpress have been a keen supporter of HIT Scotland for many years.


HIT Scotland have launched a new App.

HIT Scotland have launched a new app, which they hope will keep you engaged with the hospitality sector during the lockdown!

The app is free to download and is packed with lots of different resources to keep you up-to-date! It features a ‘Learn A Home’ section, with self-development tools. Their ‘Work A Home’ provides useful links to advice. Perhaps most importantly, the ‘Wellness’ page featuring key advice on staying healthy and positive during these times.

You can download the app here: https://store.criton.com/hit-scotland/#/home-single-app