Dress to Impress... part 4


Accessories can make or break your look. There’s no need to over complicate things, in most cases less is more and it can also add to your style whilst being simple. Follow these tips to avoid over complications:

  • Before your interview, check your outfit is coordinated: i.e. Shoes, handbag, shirt, tie etc match.
  • A co-ordinated look is likely to be more conservative in effect. 
  • Avoid heavy aftershave or perfume. This can be very distracting, especially if the interviewer is not keen on the specific fragrance.

Overall impression

  • Remember the first few seconds are vital.  The first thing people notice is typically your smile and eyes, then head to toe.  Make sure to have a quick look before your interview to see if anything needs adjusted, whether it is a loose tie, wind swept hair or a crumpled shirt; these things could make you look less neat and a bit unorganised.
  • Take a good look - is your hairstyle appropriate for both the job and the image you create with your clothes?If not, don't worry about changing it, you can always change it back once the job is yours! 
  • Most people feel nervous meeting anyone new, whether it's a potential boss, client or a friend of a friend. so make sure you rehearse initial greetings and get confident about your appearance (see part two for our confidence segment) 
  • Remember no one knows more about yourself than you do – so go on give it your best shot – Just be yourself.

When all is said and done, they can only ask you questions about yourself and what you have told them you have to offer via your CV. Be relaxed as you can and remember to answer all questions clearly and confidently.