Dress to Impress... part 3


Embracing your style can be extremely empowering, and does things for confidence (see Part 2 for our confidence segment) but if done in the wrong way it could become distracting, potentially unprofessional or can even bring up awkward clothing related conversations between yourself and an employer.  Here are our suggestions on how to avoid the undesirable conversations and 'fashion faux pas'.

Ensure that your ensemble isn't untidy, and try to avoid too much flamboyancy.

It is good to research your workplace before an interview to find out what their type of clothing style is, otherwise it is best to choose something a bit more conservative, but something still true to you, as something you may not feel good could distract you, making you feel less at ease in situations.  (Conservative dress might not be everyone’s taste; nevertheless it is still a safe bet in today’s ever-changing marketplace.)

To summarise, don’t be afraid to play it safe! You would much rather the interviewer focus on you than your outfit! 

An easy mistake to avoid is ill fitting clothes or shoes. Aside from not looking great, these things can really distract you from your interview! Here’s a few things to consider:

  • Buying a new interview outfit might sound like a great idea – nevertheless, this might not be feasible – the important part is that your clothes fit well and in turn enable you to carry off that professional and comfortable impression.
  • Buying a new suit might be something we may want to consider if possible, to get yourself through the initial interview rounds.
  • Wearing new shoes or high heels for an interview can be a mistake. Plan ahead and make sure fit adjustments are made before you sit through an interview. And look at how much walking will be involved. The last thing you need on your mind is your feet are aching.

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