Dress to Impress... part 2


When it comes to dressing to impress, you need to remember to impress yourself too; confidence is key!  Walking into an interview or a new workplace can be daunting and make you want to hide behind your hair or scarf, like it is the first day of school all over again - but it doesn't have to feel that way anymore. 

Our advice is to figure out your power outfit, something that makes you feel confident and powerful, in mind, body and soul.  It may be a suit, or your favourite shirt, we want you feeling like you can take on the world.  Taking into consideration your body type, taste in fashion and the potential employer’s expectations can be a tricky balancing act. However, when done correctly, can lead to a fantastic first impression!

Here’s our tips:

  • When your clothes are comfortable and flattering, your confidence is boosted! As mentioned before, gone are the days of hiding behind your clothes, shying from the world. Find something that immediately boosts your spirits. When you feel good, everything around you will seem good too, bring the confidence and let it shine!
  • If, however, you’re struggling to find a style that gives you that desired boost, why not try on a range of clothes in specialist shops while gaining the assistance of staff. Say what you need it for, to get the most from their experience. Get the best advice you can - and take it! 
  • Consult with your family and friends – get their views on a range of clothes that you feel comfortable and confident in. Sometimes all you need is a bit of hype and support to make you feel even better; this may also be a good time to ask them for any additional advice that you may need.
  • Dress the part. Do some research on the company, find out the style and formality of the business. Give your prospective employer the feeling that you look like the type of person that already is employed by their company. An easy way to do this is a prospective fact finding call to the employer or to your consultant dealing with this particular assignment.

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