We are currently in the midst of a pandemic that has devastated the UK and global economy, and the hospitality, leisure and tourism industries are among the very hardest hit. Many thousands of people will lose their jobs and many thousands more looking to enter the industry for the first time will fail to find work. We can appreciate what a huge strain this is placing on your finances and general well-being.

It is for this reason that we have brought together our five organisations to leverage the support that we – and many other organisations and individuals – provide to people like you. Our mission is to support our people, attract talent and promote hospitality as a great place to work. The industry may be going through possibly the toughest period in its history, but we look after our people and truly care about you.

That’s why we have developed this industry hub, which encompasses the advice, resources and support of dozens of organisations who are there to help you right now. Whether you’re looking to develop your career, build your skills, need financial or well-being support, want to connect with other people like you, or are simply looking for the perfect next job, this hub can help you.