Apprenticeships in Hospitality and How to get Your Foot in The Door.

In recent years, apprenticeships have been growing in popularity, and are becoming the first choice for some, rather than going down the university route, but why?

With an apprenticeship, you learn what you need to know whilst working and being paid for your hours – meaning that it is a job and an education all at once.  When you aren’t in the workplace, you are in a classroom learning additional things to take back to your employer and carry with you through the rest of your working life.  It opens up doors of opportunities for you and adds to your working experience.

In this case, it helps get you into the ever growing industry of Hospitality, giving you opportunities you perhaps didn’t know were there – and we’re here to help.

There are some websites and resources that we have found to help step into your career in hospitality, but of course check our Apprenticeships in our Job Search on, or contact us for more information!

If you’re still at school, not to worry – the Scottish Government are expanding on Foundation Apprenticeships that can be completed when still in education, around the time that students take their academic exams.  You can find out more about this here: is an incredibly useful websites for those looking for a hospitality apprenticeship scheme in Scotland.